What is CrNet?

Founded in 1996, CrNet started as a leading provider of web hosting services and virtual servers for customers around the world. We value our clients and treat each and every one as an individual, not as an ID number as some other providers do. As the market changed so did we.  Now we are more of a virtual solutions provider. With one of our newest products "e911Net" we are helping first responders get to their alarms.

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What is e911 Network?

What is the e911 Network?
e911 is an iOS Application written by a first responder to meet the needs of Fire and EMS personnel. By delivering the alarms electronically right to your device with maps, alarm information and important response data your department can more effectively respond to calls. Included with our system is a unique responder tracking system that can track each individual responder or apparatus and report in real time to command where the resources are.

Creating an account for your department is free and will allow you to use the service for up to 10 users during your demo. All we need is an email from your CAD system. Most all CAD systems can do this with no modification. We will provide you a special email address on our server to receive your alarms and get them out to your responders.